Celebratory Gift Videos


Below you’ll see examples of some of the gift videos we have created. The great thing about ‘Celebratory Gift Videos’ is that we endeavour to make them entirely unique. We can create anything using photos, footage filmed on your mobile/webcam, up to offering our professional camera operating and filmmaking skills to help create the perfect video for your loved one.

And it isn’t just limited to birthdays; weddings, christenings, bar/bat mitzvah’s, anniversaries; any milestone you wish to celebrate, we can make an amazing video to suit it.

Want to send your employees a ‘thank you’ from the management team, we can accommodate that too. Contact us to discuss your specific needs today.

We can cater to many budgets and tailor the service to entirely suit you. The only limit is your imagination.

The video above features birthday wishes testimonials and skits filmed by the birthday girl’s family and friends.

Recorded on mobile phone cameras, tablets and web cams, the footage was sent to us and we edited it together in a bespoke style. The use of camera phones etc, gave each friend and family member the freedom to express their messages in a way that suited their individual personalities.

A photo montage, this case showing the development of the birthday boy from infancy into adulthood. We edited it to music to give the montage a sense of excitement and fun.

As most people have photos stored on computer/online these days, it was all able to be done via email.

This video, again featuring footage sent in by friends and family, was cut in a ‘music video’ style. The mobile style again allowed friends and family to express themselves in their own way, but also allowed people who were overseas or lived far away to still be involved in the special day.


Club LIV Prohibition Promo from Daniel Crooke on Vimeo.

Club footage courtesy of Club LIV.